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Calendar bookings

To book the please click on button.

The gym can be booked for 1.5 hours at a time. If someone has booked the gym and someone else turns up it is up to the person who has booked it as to whether they would like to share the gym with them.

Please only book one month in advance from the

1st of each month.


Bookings for the tennis court should be limited to a maximum of three hours per session in order to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to use the facility. If there are no other bookings immediately after a booked period, of course play may continue. All balls and refreshments must be removed after use to ensure the court is clear for the next user. Booking the tennis court gives residents exclusive use of the court for the duration of the booking. It does not give residents exclusive use of other areas/facilities. Bookings are made on a first come first served basis.

The padlock code is 1991

Tennis Racket and Ball

Residents have two time slots to choose from

(12 pm-4 pm or 5 pm-9 pm).

Booking of the BBQ area gives exclusive use of the BBQ itself and the seating required. It does not reserve use of the kitchen, gym, changing rooms, pool or its surrounding area, which are available for residents to use at all times.

Users are reminded to ensure that the BBQ and seating area are cleared and cleaned thoroughly after use to avoid attracting wildlife to the area.


Please use the metal dustbin for ashes and place all waste in the appropriate bins by the gatehouse. Those using the BBQ/seating area in the evening are asked to ensure that the pool is covered before the area is left and that noise is kept to a minimum out of respect for residents nearby. All bookings are on a first come first served basis. 

Flaming Barbecue Meat
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